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The game “Mate-Trivial” is played in the following way:

Before starting the game the player must choose between two levels: Level 1 for the pre-university student and Level 2 for the university student.

Each turn the dice is thrown so that the counter is moved forward to a further square. There are four types of squares identified by colours: “Statistic and Probability”, “Calculus and Analysis”, “Algebra and Geometry” and “Arithmetic and Number Theory”.

When landing on a square, there is a question of its category set out, and a countdown of two minutes starts: a correct answer and within the time limits wins 200 points, a wrong answer causes a loss of 100 points, not answering at all does not affect the score, but, mind you!, on doing it two minutes, out of the 20 that each match lasts, can be lost.

To finish the match, before those 20 minutes run out, the player must reach the central square and succeed in the final test: 4 chained questions, one of each type, which must be all answered correctly. On succeeding this, the player will win 500 extra points, which will not be given to the player that does not manage to do it before the time runs out.

Does this test look difficult? There is something that can help. Scattered all about the setting there are four keys in different colours: each key obtained allows the player to skip one of the four questions of the final test, that of the same colour. For instance, with the green and blue keys, the final test narrows down to questions yellow and red, and with the four keys… Instant victory! Mind you, to obtain each key, the player must land on its square and answer the question correctly.

You may switch between two modes: 1 is pre-university level and 2 is university level.


IMPORTANT: You need Mozilla Firefox or Chrome to play, you can download it for free from here





This game has been developed by Tania Escudero and Álvaro

Gutiérrez, students at UPM, Computer Engineering school.